Doctors don't tell runners to stop running, so why tell gamers to stop gaming?

This and other nuggets of gold from the OXYGEN Podcast Episode 4 with Lindsey Migliore, a.k.a. 'The Gamer Doc'.

Aside from watching a great podcast guest and Fortnite player, we were treated to her medical expertise on Tuesday night. Her MO is for her work to help people to play their favourite past time for the rest of their life.

This ties in nicely with a new term we were introduced to, 'Meat Sports' or traditional sports versus esports and a great analogy, which is the title of this piece: doctor's don't tell runners to stop running, so why tell gamers to stop gaming?

It's an important point linked to her MO. We all have our favourite past times and medical advice should not conflict when it comes to meat sports and esports. However, there is an important difference. Meat sports have a higher incidence of acute injuries, normally something hair-raising and sudden - like tearing your ACL. Whereas esports injuries are built up over years of abuse, gradual attrition to the mind and body - with an example being poor posture.

We believe at OXYGEN Gaming that it is this difference that makes a digital self-regulation tool even more critical, with the ability to monitor, track and improve over a long timeframe and prevent those long term repeat abuse injuries.

Career longevity:

It is not just about making better gamers but gamers who can stick around for longer. With an average age of 21 in esports, traditional sports has a much higher age skew and the best players actually get better into their 30s and 40s.

Reaction time:

On the importance of reaction time in gaming - that’s crap. When you get older you do get a bit slower but game knowledge improves and your leadership improves.

Heart rate and in-game stress:

An example of a high stress in-game example is being the last person alive on Call of Duty: Search and Destroy.

You play well in the state that you practice in. To do well, you need to practice in high stress situations. You missed your shot because you are stressed, heart rate is beating fast. Train in high stress situations to perform in high stress situations.

Pre-game routine:

Depending on your title and what you are going to do that day. Have the same routine every single day.

You want a range of motion in your hands. Starjumps for your hands. 20 times will feel the burn. Gets the blood flowing, muscles moving. Prevents injury down the road.

Stretch - check out the video below!

It is important to make clear that, no comments made in this article or from the Gamer Doc on the OXYGEN Podcast should be taken as medical advice.

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